Our services

We offer both Consulting Services as well as Software Solutions in order to best match the telco industry needs and Our Mission

Consulting Services

Following dynamic trends and changes in the Telecom Environment our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical success factors for preparing and optimizing Telecom Project or Solution. At OptiRan our experts, consultants and senior engineering staff are committed to helping you make strategic decisions to transform and implement new technology, solution or SW application.

Consulting Services

Network Optimization

Our dedicated project team of experts will focus on KPIs improvement based on physical and SW parameter optimization. 2G/3G+/4G+/VoLTE/5G Network audit, detailed problem analysis, Capacity evaluation, Parameters and Features audit, testing, implementation and follow up. Main parts are Configuration Management(CM), Performance Management(PM), cross-checks, open-loop SON, strategy evaluation in order to achieve Network Performance at glance.


A mobile network user experience and network evaluation solution. It can transform every Android smartphone in a testing device in several minutes. It is a distributed system with Android mobile App, DB, web-based back-end and front-end analytics. The input data is collected from user smartphone. Measurements include radio data (level, quality, cell data, and network type and other important parameters) and android library events. OptiRecords allows user equipment (UE) to perform ping, data tests (download/upload) and voice tests � separate or in mixed sequence. Records are stored in the SQL database and processed in real-time. The web interface and built-in business intelligence allow filtering and drill-down analysis on maps, charts and tables. It could be used as simplified Drive test solution and has built-in customizable reporting adding value to Network integration, new technology or layer deployment, maintenance, planning and optimization.

Network Audit Professional Services

Key success factor for expansion, planning, optimization of a Mobile Netork(LTE, UMTS, GSM) requires deep analyses and audit services. Based on our multivendor and multitechnology experience in various networks, OptiRan offers expertise, in depth analysis and reporting delivered in comrehensive Network Audit Reports.

New technology or layer deployment.

5G creates new network optimization challenges even for experienced operators. We are ready to support you on this journey sharing our knowledge, experience, tooling and constant learning. The anticipation of 5G's arrival has created very high expectations - not only regarding data speeds and low latency, but also the new kinds of services these capabilities will enable. Consequently, network QoS will matter more than ever and this is the place where we can help with testing, optimizing, tune all the layers and ensure that KPIs and user perception are better than ever.

SW and App Development services

Our SW development team consists of motivated and talented developers having a University degree, Microsoft Professionals certificates, long experience and excellent expertise. Security training and extra education are provided periodically to meet high industry standards. Our personal and team portfolio includes a wide range of projects using C#.NET, VB.NET, Java, Java Server Pages, PHP, C/C++, SQL, data science language R, client-side technologies like jQuery, NodeJS, SignalR, React, VueJS, Angular, etc. We are up-to-date with the latest Microsoft RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which is MS SQL Server 2016 and some alternatives like MySQL but we also have extensive experience with NoSql Databases like Raven, Redis and MongoDB. Finally, having numerous successful projects, we are still happy to meet the next challenge because programming is more of a passion rather than just a job for us.

Project Management Services

OptiRan provides project management services in order to manage, deliver successfully its projects.


OptiRan is using automated solutions for Network analysis, optimization and troubleshooting. Configuration Management(CM) tool, Performance Management(PM) tool that we have for our projects will allow precise and fast evaluation, troubleshooting and optimization. We can customize our solutions and softwares to fit client's needs and project requirements.


Drive Testing(DT) and Benchmarking(BM) Services

All networks needs to me constantly measured, monitored and optimized based on DT and BM tests. The measurements can be either part of the optimization of Telecom Network, benchmarking of performance, trouble shooting, or to verify the performance after an upgrade, SWAP or reconfiguration of the network. We can customize our analysis and reports to your needs and requirements. Deep analysis, troubleshooting and optimization can be performed using DT logs.

Our Mission

Create synergies

Be responsible and accountable

Be Flexible and Trusted Partner

Customer Satisfaction

In OptiRan we believe that customer satisfaction is a key to the credibility, development and progress. We trust that cooperativeness, flexibility and professionalism can ensure timely and quality project delivery.

Team Spirit

We believe that the best solutions come from working together in a constructive, flexible and dynamic way. In OptiRan we communicate openly, build trust and respect customer needs. Our goal is to deliver full end-to-end project implementation, provide on-site senior engineer in transformation period.